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Bedekar Tea Stall - Puneri Special Misal

We get several varieties of Misal in Mumbai, mostly described by their regions in Maharashtra. I also enjoy all the varieties depending on the mood.

Bedekar Tea Stall in Pune is one legendary Misal place with tables labelled as A & B (so that orders can be given specifically based on which side of the table you are seated on - say 2A or 2B. Goes without saying that this place is always crowded and you share your table with others. We got our seat after a good 20 minute wait in the morning.

The Puneri Misal at Bedekar Tea Stall is an unique misal served with sliced bread that tastes amazing when dipped into the sample. While it seems to be a bit sweet when you take the first bite, the spice soon hits you as an after-taste.

After relishing the spicy misal with a bowl of dahi, I doused the fire with a couple of groundnut ladoos and walked away happily. I was tempted to try out the kharvas that was on the menu, but was already full. Will try it out during my next visit.

Address: Bedekar Tea Stall, 418, Munjabacha Bol, Narayan Peth, Pune, Maharashtra

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