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Chana Chaat

One fine day, I couldn't find a cab so I walked down from the office towards the Matunga Road station hoping to find a cab near Ganga Vihar (start of the Matunga Road bridge that goes towards Labour Camp.

I was terribly hungry and wanted to grab something (but not a Vada Pav for sure). I found a small stall that was crowded. I peeped in and saw people waiting for their fix of chana chaat. It smelled incredibly delicious so I too, ordered a plate of the chaat and enjoyed the dish thoroughly.

This stall sells only boiled chana chaat and the soup of boiled chana. It is a case of limited choices done very nicely. You can request the chaat / soup to be spiced up to your taste. Extremely healthy option for an evening snack (considering that most Mumbaikars who eat out tend to snack on fried stuff on the street).

Next time, you are around Ganga Vihar, look out for this un-named small stall diagonally opposite (near the start of the bridge) and get your fix of Chana Chat - boiled chana, boiled potatoes, onions, tomatoes, salt, chaat masala with a generous squeeze of lemon on the top. If you are a bit more hungry, go for the Chana Soup which is basically the stock of boiled chana laced with lime and a sprinkle of chaat masala.

Address: Chana Chaat Corner, S Haralayya Chowk, Takandas Kataria Marg, Mahim, Mumbai 400 016.

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