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House of Misal

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtrian cuisine has been close to my heart. I work in Dadar and came across this small restaurant, House of Misal that is situated right next to the iconic Plaza Cinema in Dadar.

This place was started by Mrs. Shraddha Pawar, post-retirement from her 30 year service with the BMC. The menu is tastefully curated, ensuring that 18 types of Misals, representing different regions of Maharashtra are aptly represented. They also tried some new forms of Misal like the Pani Puri Misal. They make different wet masalas in house for each type of Misal.

During my last visit in December 2019, I wanted to try the Misal Thali, which is a combo of Puneri and Kolhapuri Misal. I went there during lunch-time on a relatively lighter working day. I was warned that since I was eating alone, the Misal Thali would be an overkill, and that I should try any of the single Misal dishes.

I opted for the Tandoori Misal, which is smoked with coal.

The misal is just right spicy for my taste and goes very well with a glass of kokam sherbet or kairi panha.

Spicy Misal is best enjoyed in monsoon or winters! Heavy rains in Mumbai reminded me of this Misal served in an earthen pot that I relished last winter. While they do offer deliveries through Swiggy and Zomato, I think Misal is best had piping hot at the restaurant to enjoy it fully.

Address: House of Misal, N C. Kelkar Rd, Near Plaza Cinema, Kasaravadi, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

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