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Mama Kane Swachhata Upahar Griha

Dadar is home to several iconic eateries serving Maharashtrian snacks and lunch thalis (Aaswad, Prakash, Trupti, Gypsy Corner, Potoba and several more). Many of these places are still run in the same way as they were a few decades back. They have the old world charm that transports you back in time.

Mama Kane (as we call this eatery) was started in 1910 and is located right opposite Dadar Railway Station (WR). This century old restaurant has been a family run business and serves a decent Varan Bhat, Poli Bhaji thali for daily consumption.

You can have a simple, hot, delicious meal thali for less than Rs. 100 out here. Since my office is at a walking distance from this restaurant, sometimes, I love to go down for this Thali on a relatively lighter working day.

They also have a lighter version of this thali in case you are a light-eater.

I also like a variety of snacks that they serve here - Misal Pav, Batata Vada, Kothimbir Vadi with Kokam Sherbet or Awla Sherbet are my favourite snacks.

Best part is that if you have a small appetite OR want to fill up an additional appetite with a lunch thali, you can also order a 'single' batata wada.

Do visit for Maharashtrian fare in the bustling market area of Dadar.

Address: Mama Kane Swachhata Upahar Griha, 222, Smruti Kunj, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

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