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Jhal Muri - Bhuleshwar Market

The Bengali population of Zaveri Bazaar is a part and parcel of the start-to-end gold trade of Mumbai. It is often referred to as the gold trading hub of India, and it was started in the 19th century. Around 1.5 lakh workers and small artisans work in Zaveri Bazaar, and stay in the area between Crawford Market and Bhuleshwar Market

In January 2020, Mohit and me were exploring Bhuleshwar over a weekend and we came across this small lane that I had never entered before.

We saw quite a few stalls selling Bengali snacks like begun bhaja, ghugni, shingharas & Jhalmuri.

This small stall serves some nice spicy Jhalmuri. Jhalmuri is a popular Bengali street snack, made of puffed rice and an assortment of spices, vegetables, chanachur and mustard oil.

I am unable pin the location exactly on the map but you can explore the area on foot and find the masala shop above. This stall is in the same lane. This was one of the best Jhal Muri I have seen with a pungent shot of mustard oil.

Address: I will need to take you there!

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