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Vada Pav - soul of Mumbai street food

There is no discussion on street food in Mumbai without the mention of Vada Pav. It is an integral part of the lives of an average Mumbaikar. While there are many favorite and well known Vada Pav stalls in Mumbai, I start this journey with the one very near to my home.

The Nandu Vadapav / Aunty Vada Pav or Chembur Post Office Vada Pav is one of my favorite in the area. Spicy, piping hot Vadas served with garlic chutney, slid between the soft ladi pav are a quick selling item.

Most of the times, there is a wait period of 10~15 minutes before you can lay your hands on a Vada Pav at this stall.

Must visit in the evening, if you are around Chembur and want to grab a delicious bite.

Address: Opposite Chembur Post Office, Chembur Gaothan, Chembur East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071

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