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Vig Refreshment

After the partition of India, several people from Sindh & Punjab region came to Mumbai and Thane and setup refugee camps. This also introduced a whole new culinary experience to the Mumbai food scene. Chembur Camp is one such area where there are several eateries with the Punjabi and Sindhi influences. I came across Vig Refreshment while passing through the area in 2007. The aroma of Aloo Tikkis pulled me in.

Back then, my only experience with Aloo Kulchas was from Amritsar. This was the first time I ordered an Aloo Kulcha in Mumbai and Vig did not disappoint! The melt-in-mouth chole and the tangy onion chutney served as accompaniments go quite well with the piping hot Kulcha served straight out of the tandoor.

While they have several other varieties of Kulchas and a few other snacks, my favourites at Vig are - Plain Aloo Kulcha, Chole Pulao and a big glass of Lassi or Chaas. Ocassionally, I also like to have the Chole Tikki.

If you land up for breakfast, you should also enjoy their Dal Pakwan. However, if you visit around evening time, you should try the pattice pav (the pav is slightly toasted / fried over the tava and becomes crisp).

Perfect piping hot food for the monsoon or winter seasons!

Address: Vig Refreshment, Doctor Choitram Gidwani Road, Chembur Colony, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400074

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